Saturday, July 11, 2015

Scenes from Summer 2015

Here are a few scenes from our summer. I'm writing this from the car on the way to IKEA if that tells you something about the pace of life. 

We took the kids to their first circus. This is the last year for elephants in the circus so we thought we better take them. They absolutely loved it. We did too.

We've felt a lot like this lately...

You can't have a blog post without Daisy pictures can you?

We have been swimming and swimming and hanging with our peeps.

 We watched the fireworks over Lake Conroe and decorated our bikes for the 4th of July parade.

Lauren with a tiara on her bath towel.

Poor Emma is getting dressed up a lot these days.

The girls continue to ride and love it. They are riding more challenging horses and doing more complex techniques.

We thought it was a tornado but it was a down draft that swept through our yard 6 days before we moved. It took out a big pine tree and our fence.

We moved into our new house 2 weeks ago today and we love it! Great house near many of our friends. 

The kids went to an awesome sports camp. Lauren got a special medal for her good attitude. She went to cheer camp with a broken leg in her wheelchair.

Oh wait...I didn't tell you about the broken leg...oh yes that was 3 weeks before we moved. She hurt it on the trpoline. I had my 5 kids plus 6 extra kids at my house at the time. Matt was out of town and my dear, sweet, incredible friend Angel took the extra kids while I took Lauren to the ER. Angel did this two days before moving her family to Thailand. I have such great friends!

And we celebrated Matt's birthday.

A great summer and more to come. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Starfish, Sting Rays and Dr. Seuss!

 We just returned from a wonderful and amazing trip. 

Matt spoiled us all rotten with a wonderful cruise to Jamaica, Grand Caymen and Cozumel.

It was a celebration of life and love and triumph over the last 18 months. 

We had incredible fun and made some memories we will never forget.

I also might...or might not...have turned 40 while we were on vacation!

We climbed Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica 
and learned some new phrases like 
"ya mon' and "no problem mon."

In Grand Caymen we went snorkling and
 kissed sting rays in "Sting Ray Alley" 
which is seven years good luck!

We found and held starfish at Starfish Pointe in Grand Caymen.

We enjoyed our time on the ship. 
The kids especially love ordering their own sodas from the bar 
with as many cherries and umbrellas as they'd like.

There was a Dr. Seuss parade on the ship. 
They were told  to chant "Dr. Seuss 
is on the loose" to all the 
"boring grown ups on their iPads reading" 
they would pass on the way through the ship.

Matt enjoying a Red Stripe.

This was an interesting character we met in Jamaica.
Notice the pigeon he had tied to a string that landed on Lauren's head.

The kids enjoyed swinging from this 
incredible swing on an 
enormous Banyon tree in Jamaica. 

The kids loved the Dr. Seuss 
"Green Eggs and Ham" breakfast. 
Green eggs and ham.

Us with "Thing One and Thing Two."

The Cat in the Hat and Sam I Am.

In Cozumel we swam with the dolphins and manatees. 
It was incredible!

We are grateful for every day
but these days were extra extra special.

So grateful for all God's blessings and provision over the last 18 months
and for the opportunity to make these memories.