Saturday, January 17, 2015

Adoptive Family Camp

To continue on this blog catch up...

We went to family camp in October 
with our adoptive family group from church. 
We always have a wonderful time and 
it is a highlight of our year. 

 We have a wonderful time 
with friends 

shooting B.B. guns,
doing archery,
playing ga ga ball
bouncing in the lake on "The Blob."

We are incredibly blessed to get to do life with these friends!

Lauren is 6!

 Time to play blog 
catch up again! 

I looked back and 
saw that I haven't really blogged since before August! Yikes. 

Since this blog is our 
family album, 
diary and 
baby books 
I better get chopping. 

Lauren turned 6 in August. 
It was a very "Frozen" birthday. 
All she wanted was an Elsa dress. 
Squealed with joy when she opened it and twirled around when she put it on. 
It will be such a beautiful memory.

Lauren in her Elsa dress with Daisy!

Lauren had a horseback riding party 
with her friends. 

The kids had such a great time together.

It is good to be 6!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lily is 9!

Yesterday we celebrated Lily's 9th birthday.
Lily is filled with silliness and sunshine.
She loves horses, Bassett Hounds and anything chocolate.
Anyone who meets Lily is instantly her friend.
We went out for "dirt and worm" sundaes from her favorite place and
we are going to the beach Saturday to celebrate.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!
We are so blessed to get to be your momma and daddy.

Monday, November 3, 2014

October in the Rear View Mirror

 We participated in The Houston Race for a Cure.
Nora Rainbow Looming via FaceTime while watching How To looming videos on YouTube. So cool! Looked to me like something from the Jetsons.
Lauren got to go on her first trail ride.
We went to Oklahoma to visit our dear friends.
The girls and I went to see the Tyler Farr/Florida Georgia Line/ Jason Aldeen concert. Tyler Farr came into the crowd and sang to the girls. It was so incredible and will be a wonderful memory.
We Trick or Treated.
We spent an incredible long weekend with my family in Mexico without children! Thank you Alicia and Blair for caring for the kids so we could go.
We also went to an Awesome Halloween party with friends! 

We are blessed!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Due to my healing, we weren't able to take our usual summer Wisconsin trip this year. Eighteen hours in a car sounded like even less fun than usual. :)

I was able to sneak away with only two kids for a few days to go see my parents, brother and sister-in-law, my nieces and a few friends. It was a short trip and there are lots of people we would have loved to have seen. I'm not quite back to my old self, so the trip was intentionally low key so I could rest. 

Lauren got to go on her first plane ride which she loved and Luke got to see his good friend.

A great trip!