Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stage 2 Day 2

Today I spent most of the day sleeping. Pain when I move is terrible, but when I stay still it is tolerable. 

My mom and Matt are taking such good care of me and the kids. I'm living in the recliner again because that is the only place I'm comfortable. 

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, emails and texts. I may not respond, but they are very encouraging and much appreciated.

My buddy Daisy and I.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hi Y'All,

Well they gave her 3 sips of water and sent us on our way by 3:00.  Good to have her home and good to have it over with.  She slept while her Mom and I took the kids to dance.  We just went for a walk around the court.  She is very weak and hurting but she said she feels like 5 million pounds are off her back from having it done with.  No nausea at all though!!  Huge answer to prayer.  Thanks again for everyone's concern and texts.  We are so very blessed to have you in our lives.  Please pray for a restful night for her.  She has her abdominal brace on until Thursday and a follow up appointment next week Tuesday.


In Recovery

Hi everyone. Matt here. The doctor just came out and said she is done and that she did very well. She will be in recovery for the next 45 minutes until I can see here. 

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! Please continue to pray for no nausea and a speedy recovery with good pain control. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tomorrow Phase 2

It seems like barely yesterday that I had my first surgery, 
but it has been 12 weeks. 
I am still not fully recovered.
Tomorrow is phase 2. 

After all the pain and long road traveled 
I am not looking forward to another surgery. 
Dreading it actually.

I have been promised that this is much easier than the first one. 
My mom is here. 
The freezer and pantry are fully stocked. 
Many friends have prayed with and encouraged me 
over the last few weeks as 
it has been a very anxious time.

So, surgery is at 10:30 tomorrow. 
Prayers for no anxiety, no nausea, protection and a good outcome 
would be very much appreciated. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's That Time

It's Bluebonnet season in Texas.
It is one of my absolute favorite things about Texas.
Here are our annual Bluebonnet pictures, 
including Daisy this year of course.
Lily age 8

Nora age 8 (for a few more days.)

Drew age 7

Lauren age 5 1/2
(and the 1/2 is very important.)

Luke age 10
 Daisy was new to Bluebonnets and 
she tried to figure out what they were good for.
Are they good for hunting?

Are they good for eating?

I know, they are good for rolling in.

Mom, enough pictures already.
If I turn my back can we go home?

Ok Mom, one good one since you are sweating and all.
Daisy age 10 weeks.