Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Oliver Story

I have been meaning to share this story for a week now but I have been doing all the posts from my phone and it was too much typing to do it from there.  So a week ago Monday (two days before Ann Marie's surgery) our 13 year old wiener dog Ollie was sitting under my desk where he normally likes to hang out while I work.  He had been whinier than usual lately.  When I called him out he tries to walk but proceeds to fall over.  His back legs won't work and he starts dragging his hind quarters around falling everywhere.  So Ann Marie and I are looking at each other thinking great, he had a stroke and this is it.  Really?  Two days before my wife has major surgery I am going to potentially have to put my little buddy down?

So we take a bunch of pictures with him and the kids prior to Ann Marie taking him to the vet. Just in case...  Turns out he has a slipped disk in his back.  The options were surgery for $5000+ dollars (um, no), medication or you know what.  If he went on the meds he would need to stay totally still for like three weeks for them to work.  Given Ann Marie's surgery there is no way we could do that.  So Ann Marie tells them our story and the vet tech says she needs to check on something.  When she comes back in she says that they are willing to board Oliver for $5 a day while Ann Marie is having her surgery!  Holy cow, how awesome!  Ann Marie starts crying she is so thankful.  I think the total bill was $125.

Angel's Pet Hospital is our vet for life!!  I can't even express how thankful I am for their extraordinary kindness!  It blows me away!  I called to check on him yesterday and he is still having problems walking but he is not that far into the meds for them to totally work.  I am picking him up on Friday.  We are in a much better place now to give him what he needs.  So we will get a little more time with my little Ollie after all.  Very grateful!


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  1. luv it when GOD shows up in the little things! Can't wait to be back in the wonderful USA!