Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Update

Matt has decided to retire his blogging for now.
He's done such a wonderful job updating the blog through my surgery
 and recovery and keeping everyone up to date.
Thank you honey.
So, I'm back at the helm of the blog.
I continue to heal.
The healing is slow and I am still managing a good deal of pain.
I am easily fatigued and sleeping a lot. 
Random fun picture from summer 2012.
Lauren playing outside in her dress up dress
while catching frogs.
My kind of girl.
My mom and Matt have done an incredible job around the house.
Mom has been here and has been a tremendous help.
She has done lots of fun things with the kids and kept the house a float.
Matt's back at work and is doing a great job managing the house, children and a sick wife.
We had to put our sweet dog Oliver to sleep on Monday.
He was just failing and the medication was not helping.
We are grateful for his loyal friendship and missing him terribly.
Fun things are on the horizon for the kids.
The girls are looking forward to the "Daddy Daughter Dance"
 this weekend and Luke is having a sleep over with friends tomorrow.
Random fun picture #2 from summer 2012 when we stopped
in Le Claire Iowa to visit Antique Archeology.
We are trying to balance "regular life" with giving me time to heal.
I see the surgeon again tomorrow to have some more sutures removed. 
Thanks for the cards, flowers, calls and emails.
Every one is appreciated.
Prayer requests are decreased pain and
a smooth transition as my mom returns home.

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  1. Hello my daughter hope your having a good day and not in too much pain. We will be heading out early tomorrow morning we are not coming to be your house guests but to help with everything and anything we can so do not worry. We hope to make it by Tuesday sometime we are praying every day and hope that your pain will go away shortly.