Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Weeks

Three weeks ago at this time I was still in surgery.
It has been a tough physical, emotional and spiritual three weeks.
I am healing.
To me the healing seems so very slow.
I want so badly to be back to being the mom and wife I am used to being.
I am getting stronger.
The pain is lessening and I am doing more.
I am sleeping through the night without waking for pain medication.
I am able to stretch my day time pain medications to 5-6 hours between doses.
We are taking steps toward returning to our usual life.
We've been so grateful for all the meals
that friends have brought to us
over the last month.
This week we took back over our own meal preparation.
It's a step to regaining our normal life and that is good.
It feels good to me to be able to cook for my family again.
I've been able to go shopping a bit.
I am still not allowed to do any lifting
but I was able to do a weeks worth of grocery shopping by 
pointing out to Matt what to pick up.
We went out to lunch with friends and
went to a Super Bowl party this week.
I enjoyed the party from the couch but it was good to be out and about.
I'm so social being home has been really hard.
Matt took the girls to the Daddy Daughter Dance on Saturday.
It is such a special time for them.
The girls look forward to it all year long.
My mom returned home on Sunday
which was really hard for me.
She was such a big help with the kids when she was here.
She cooked and cleaned, sewed doll blankets with the girls,
took kids to classes, played at parks,
made Valentine cookie pops and kept the house afloat.
No matter how old you get,
it always feels good to have your mom nearby.
Matt's parents are here to help over the next week
and then I think I'll be ok on my own.
The kids have been such incredible helpers during this whole thing.
We are so proud of them.
We would appreciate it if you would pray for my healing
and that my pain would continue to improve.
Please pray also, as we choose a medical oncologist,
that God would guide our choice.

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  1. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers...and Ellie is up (late!) here in my lap. She so sweetly sat up and said "Those are my sisters!" I thought that was so sweet she loved seeing your girls that she called them her sisters. Then she said Quincy is her "best brother" and "my favorite boy." We love you ALL-please continue to rest and get well!! xo