Friday, July 25, 2014

Earrings, Hound Dogs and New Friends

Lily got new ear tubes today. 
We've been through many, many surgeries with her cleft lip and palate. 
This is one of many sets of ear tubes. 
We are so grateful the fluid is gone and she can hear well again. 
This might well be her favorite surgery ever. 
Her very sweet ENT surgeon offered to pierce her ears while she was asleep. 
She was too scared to do it before. 
She's very proud of her new earrings.
Lauren had a big week. 
The 4 oldest had camp this week so she got some rare 1:1 time with momma. 
She got to have a friend over to play, her first sleep over birthday party alone with no siblings, 
a haircut at a girly place. 
She is almost 6 and seems so big all of a sudden. 
So much fun doing big girl stuff.

The true heat heat has arrived in south Texas. 
(Anything under 95 and we don't even break a sweat anymore...
and if it is under 75 we need a sweatshirt.) 
We have been swimming and enjoying playing in the hose to keep cool. 

Highlight of the last few weeks was getting to meet my dearest breast cancer friend Holly. 
She's a friend of my friend Angel. 
She walked the road I am walking a few years before and also has young kids. 
You know those people you meet and you feel like you've know forever. 
That is Holly for me. 
She has been such a rock and a blessing in this journey. 
She understands all the unspoken parts of this journey and will be a forever friend. 
God wove us together so beautifully through Angel and the adoption blog world. 
I met Angel 7 years ago through the blog world and 
last year we ended up being real life Texas neighbors. 
This all happened just in time for my diagnosis and for her to introduce me to Holly. 
I actually got my second pathology results in Angel's dining room. 
When I told her she said...I have a friend Holly and that's exactly her diagnosis. 
Only God.
 Love, love, love Holly and Angel. 
I will forever be grateful to God for weaving this part of my story.

This is Daisy sleeping on the patio with her ear covering her eye. 
She is a sweet dog that  brings us all joy every day. 
She's a total hoot!
I'm doing ok. 
Energy is getting better and I am continuing to get stronger. 
The heat has been hard and my healing nerves do not like it. 
It has caused electric like pain up my back and sides which has not been fun. 
I'm pretty well way beyond being sick of pain.
I'm grateful too though for the blessing of health.

I am enjoying my CASA work. 
As with all of our work with adoption it is never what it first appears. 
Once you meet the parents, foster parents and 
children the picture is not the same as it appears from the outside. 
It all becomes personal. 
That said, I am so glad to have this opportunity to use my experience, 
knowledge and skills in this way. 
I have no doubt it is exactly where God wants me to be.
I am so grateful to be able to serve.

There are a few more weeks of camp for the kids,
 swimming and fun before we hit the books again. 
Yeah summer!
It has gone way too quickly.

Hope your summer is fun too!

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  1. So good to see everyone healthy and happy! See you Friday!